INSPIRATION: Forms in Nature, Understanding Our Universe – by Chromosphere

Every so often you watch a video that’s so nicely put together, that your jaw literally drops. That was my reaction when I laid eyes on FORMS IN NATURE, a short film by Chromosphere, an LA based design and animation studio.

The illustrations are pixel perfect, the retro music nostalgic, the animation and effects superbly executed – there’s nothing to not like about it. Not a lot happens, but I could watch this over and over. It’s the sort of project a motion designer dreams of getting the opportunity to work on.



For those that are interested there’s an in-depth interview with Chromosphere and David Kamp on the making of FORMS IN NATURE on Motionographer, which is deffinitely worth a read – Motionographer interview: “Forms in Nature,” in-depth process with Chromosphere and David Kamp.



Some of the illustrations from the film

A butterfly, from Forms in Nature by Chromosphere

The crane from Forms in Nature by Chromosphere

Birds in a nest, from Forms in Nature by Chromosphere

Shuttle Launch, from Forms in Nature by Chromosphere

Sunflowers and bees, from Forms in Nature by Chromosphere




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Rob Gillreply
4th March 2016 at 11:14 am

That video is sooo nice! The illustrations are very Charley Harper, his book is amazing: Charley Harper an Illustrated Life, well worth a purchase!!! The extra large editions is class ;)

13th April 2020 at 12:39 am

Hi Rich can i send you an image of the butterfly? An artist in Toronto used that image on a garage door, probably without your permission.

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