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The Best Videos I’ve Ever Made

The only reason I left my job in Leeds to go freelance again was to spend more time with my family.

Recently, because of that choice, I had the opportunity to teach my daughters a few of the tricks of my trade and show them something of the work I do every day. They get to look over my shoulder a lot of the time anyway and see the images and videos that are taking shape on my screen, but they rarely (unfortunately) get to have any input in the final output.

As of the this year, for various reasons, we’ve started home-school them both, and I was in charge for a couple of days. Following on from a random conversation one meal time they decided they’d like to make some adverts – one for an old dolls buggy she wants to sell, and the other for the fictional-yet-delicious snack, Chocolate Chicken™.

They wrote the scripts themselves, designed the logos, recorded the voice-overs, then directed me in the filming and the editing and choice of music to create two of the finest videos I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on.



Chocolate Chicken™


The Double Trouble Buggy



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